St. James's Way

"Have you ever seen the happiness in the pilgrim´s eyes?"

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Buen Camino.


You can only walk with the peace and security of being accompanied

Share your position to see where other pilgrims are, you can not interact with them nor they with you. You will be anonymous points to each other but, in case of need you will know where to find them.

You can make your own private groups with your contacts.

  • The way the user looks to himself.
    • The way you see other known users in private groups (family, friends...)
    • Other pilgrim. You can not interact whit them.
    • Point Of Interest. (Hostel, hotel...)
    • "Special profile" chatable (Hostel, hotel...)




Two ways of accesing the Group

Sacanning this QR code or pressing on it will download EngrApp into your terminal. Once EngrApp is downloaded, that action or writing “Camino de Santiago" in the searching group section (magnifying glass) will make you a member of the group and access to the information.

The aim of this EngrApp group is to help the traveler on his Path respecting the Pilgrim own privacy and intimacy

You can also share your position in the group with intention to facilitate as much information as possible to other pilgrims. You can also familiarize yourself with the App through the tutorial and make your private groups with your friends to chat, share your position, and mark points of interest.




If you like the bike...

If your word is the bike we also recommend you this specific group for cyclists. Scanning this QR, pressing on it or looking for "bicigrino"in the search group section will make you a member.

EngrApp, in collaboration with , the reference website for the Camino de Santiago on bike, launches this group to cyclists so they can share their position to see where other bicigrinos are.

The way to operate in the group is similar to the general group of Camino de Santiago focusing on the bike world, an biker lovers.







Sharing your position in the group

Access the list of groups you belong to.

Select a group from the list.

Click on the eye to the left of the name. Closed eye (or ghost in IOS) indicates that you are invisible in the group. An open eye indicates that you are visible in the group in an identified way soo members can contact you. A group coloured dot indicates that you are visible in the group anonymously, and you can’t be contacted.

You can perform this operation as many times as you wish to activate or deactivate the visibility of each group independently according to the moment. The way of sharing your visibility, anonymous or identified, can’t be modified, is determined by the configuration of the group.




Contact Groups.

These groups are private and members are invitated by the group administrator. Members are friends or acquaintances that you can chat to, share points of interest in the map and members are identified.

Premium Groups.

Special groups that the administrator can set many parameters such as who could share information, how the members are shown (identified or anonimously) when they choose to share location...

Single Management

private and public groupos are managed from the same app and screen.

common map.

On the screen you can see all your differentiated groups by code colour, you can choose to hide any particular group and not see that information on the map but still access the chat information.


The user chooses the groups that he wants to share the position with, if you want to silence a chat, which groups you want to see on the map...


By clicking a spot on the map where another user is or a point of interest its marked you can activate the navigation option to that point your traditional navigation software.

  • "To walk the path further to the beauty of its landscapes, its energy, its spirituality, warmth and hospitality of Galician people, it allows us to discover all that inner strength that we all have and open our minds and our hearts to start the path to better quality of life"

    Teresa Marquez Pilgrim
  • "PPilgrimage is not only walk and walk over unknown land to a sanctuary, it is makes you better every day you walk. ... The path is not a race. Therefore: do not run, walk"

    Salvador Pilgrim
  • "Pilgrim is anyone who has a free spirit, a light luggage a caring soul ... and spontaneously follows the path of your dreams"

    Juan Pilgrim
  • "THE PATH more to be a really tough and demanding route for all who dare to enter her womb is a well of wisdom, where at each step, each one of us get a better understanding of our place in the world..."

    anonymous Pilgrim
  • "A la luz del sol, la Jerusalén de Occidente (...) parece venerable y pacífica, sin austeridad ni ceño; pero en las largas noches invernales, cuando en las angostas calles se espesa la oscuridad y la enorme sombra de la catedral se proyecta en el piso de la Quintana de Muertos, y el reloj cuenta las horas con lengua de bronce y la luna vierte vaporosas olas de luz sobre las caladas torres, la impresión que produce Santiago es solemne"

    Emilia Pardo Bazán Writer