General and Group Settings

In EngrApp there are two types of settings, the generals and the specifics of each group.

General settings by pressing from the map in and later in the profile picture in

Thus you will enter the menu in order to change the picture or the nickname (user name) for your contacts to recognize you, This picture will be shown in chats when participating.

In the next section of the menu you can control the general settings of EngrApp:
- Mute all chats.
- Hide to all groups. Hiding here the eye will appear close, that will indicate that even though the setting of a particular group is visibility on, you will be hidden.
- The last general setting is the one you have to be more careful. If you activate it, anyone who invite you to a group will be able to see you. To activate this setting changes the setting to be by default hidden in any group that you make, you are invited to or you adhere to. Our advice is to have this one deactivated at anytime.

Remember to press at the right superior corner in order to save any change

To access the group settings on the top right corner on the chat screen of the group .

- Pressing you can access teh members list of a group. If its a public group, you will only see certain users (special company users that you may interact with.
- Pressing you access the points of interest of the group. Only the creator of the POI and the group administrator can edit / delete the point of interest.
- In you can access the group settings control panel very similar to the General settings but modifications only apply to this particular group. The new feature, Visible map option allows you to hide the visual information of the Group on the map, but still being a group member and receive news and messages by the chat.

On the settings group screen on the top right corner allows the group administrator to invite new contacts